"This is highly original music, if at first a little baffling. It's improvised, but it's not jazz-there's no swing or blues here-and it moves very slowly, Vallon's plummy piano evoking a feeling of passionate but somber distance." — Paul de Barros, Downbeat

"When Bill Evans emerged in the 1950s, he represented a paradigm shift for the jazz piano trio... Half a century later, Evans' influence can still be felt, but there's been further development, stripping away individual virtuosity and leaving only the collective sound of the trio.
Pianist Colin Vallon's Le Vent is an even stronger statement of such intent than his 2011 ECM debut, Rruga. Individual virtuosity may be subjugated to the sound of the collective whole, but it's what makes Le Vent such a powerful statement." — John Kelman, All About Jazz

“...Terse and focused, each performance is an intense, measured musical conversation, a nuanced, rhythmically fluid mix of colour and texture woven around deceptively simple, songlike lines. ... It’s also an impressionistic approach that achieves dramatic resolution, at its best in the varied moods of such pieces as Telepathy, Rruga, Home, Polygonia and Eyjafjallajökull , brief evocations full of an austere and stately beauty that illustrate the range of an accomplished, individual trio.“ — Ray Comiskey, The Irish Times



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