Colin Vallon Trio

Colin Vallon - piano
Patrice Moret - double bass
Julian Sartorius - drums


“…The members of this band all share a strong awareness of sound quality and timbre, which sets them apart from other musicians. Three distinct instrumental voices – Vallon’s «singing» piano, Patrice Moret’s «full reverberating» bass and Julian Sartorius’s «polyvalent» drums – blend into a highly complex ensemble sound; here, too, the band has hardly anything in common with the traditional jazz piano trio conventions. What is nearer to their heart than virtuoso pirouetting is weaving and elaborating concise sketches of moods and atmospheres, feverish emotions or bizarre combinations of sounds into dense textures. Here three artists are at work who are unable to speak with evasion or artifice. In other words: three true jazz musicians…“


Colin Vallon 

Where most other jazz pianists are already at wit’s end, Colin Vallon really just begins. In a breath-taking manner and with a maximum of verve and chutzpah, he reconciles a sense of form with a passion for experiment – he doesn’t only juggle with melodies and harmonies, but rather he also integrates a multitude of prepared sounds in his playing.


Patrice Moret 

Basically there are two kinds of bassists: those who refrain from virtuously overcoming the gravity of their instruments, and those who accentuate this gravity with staggering vehemence. Patrice Moret can be counted among the great gravity specialists; he deals with sounds economically, and yet loads every individual one with a maximum of drive.


Julian Sartorius

In a dynamically fine gradation and with a gift of coordination seldom seen, Julian Sartorius makes his drums talk and cymbals hiss and whisper. Enormously agile and quick to react, Sartorius combines onomatopoetic sophistication with kinetic energy; his multifaceted drumming, in which pre-cut patterns have not lost anything, is a prime example of spontaneous and quick witted playing.