8 September 2021

Inside out piano

I'm very happy to be able to present a new project on Sat 11. September 2021, 19h. I'll be performing a four hours piano solo set at Théâtre de l'Echandole in Yverdon, CH. The instrument will be enhanced with electronics and the sound diffused in surround, so that the inside of the piano becomes the outside. I'll be doing also another four hours set on Sunday morning but completely acoustic this time. 

Colin Vallon 3



Colin Vallon has established himself as a distinct voice amongst the many piano players of his generation. With his trio - including Patrice Moret on bass and Julian Sartorius on drums - he recorded five albums, three amongst them on the prestigious label ECM Records. The Colin Vallon Trio played numerous concerts at international festivals in Europe, Asia and North America. He also gives solo concerts and performs with his latest project along with Matthieu Michel on trumpet and Jorge Rossy on drums. He is also active as a composer, creating music for various projects including the pieces by choreograph Martin Zimmermann. 



Colin Vallon - piano

Patrice Moret - double bass

Julian Sartorius - drums

"Pianist Colin Vallon, double bassist Patrice Moret and drummer Julian Sartorius, collectively contemplate before moving mountains. Their energy rises from a quiet center breathy percussion, shaded pulse, and gives this moving collection a tidal quality. Gentle yet thunderous, hypnotic, expansive and heart-paced..."



Colin Vallon reaches for the heart of things with just a few notes ; his melodies reveal a rare and detached beauty. Vallon is capable not only of sensitive discreteness but also of flamboyant exuberance, his improvisations are marked by their wealth of ideas and their stringency. The way he connects a basic lyrical idea with investigative determination is unaffected and touchingly breathtaking. 




Colin Vallon - piano

Matthieu Michel - trumpet

Jorge Rossy - drums​

Pianist Colin Vallon joins forces with two of the most prominent and original European musicians: trumpetist Matthieu Michel, whose unmistakable sound could  by itself, be the definition of beauty, and drums wizard Jorge Rossy, one of the most influential musician today.